Roomset Photography

March 26th, 2017

There are two options available.

  1. The client can create their own roomsets within their warehouse, and we can travel for the required photography.


Time factor to create the roomset, and the initial cost of the roomset.

Photographer travel costs, although vastly cheaper than that of a lorry and the staff wages during travel and during the shoot.

Hotel costs for photographer.


The client has full control over the room “environment”, and props etc are maintained by the client, which means they are not seen in a competitors image. It also means the client has complete control over the look and aesthetics of the lifestyle “image” they wish to present to their potential customers.

“Proofing” of style and aesthetics can be done during the development of an image, as the client is on hand.

When the roomsets are not used for photography, they can be utilised as in-house showrooms. Even with B2B clients, they’ve found using roomsets in this manner has proven popular with their own trade clients when viewing new products.

The potential for damage to products during transit is negated.

No studio hire costs.

No additional cost for transport, and there isn’t a delivery lorry tied up for 48hrs or more.

Client staff are on hand to build the products and position on the set, and are only required during the photography, as opposed to travelling with the products and having to stay for the duration of the shoot etc. (Possibly a day to travel in either direction, plus hotel costs etc).

Photography time tends to be reduced due to client staff working in their own environment, and tend to have more room to pre-build and store furniture etc.

The photography cost is the same as shooting at the studio.

The initial cost of the roomsets are recovered over time due to the transport, staff and hotel savings.

  1. The photography is done within Studio Sphere


Transportation, staff and hotel costs, which can run to several days, depending on the size of the project.

If it’s a large project, some furniture will be required to stay within the lorry until needed, due to space restrictions. (3,000sq feet).

The client can be shown test images (proofing) as the image is developed, but this can impact on the time required to do the shoot if the client is unable to respond to emails due to work commitments.

There is potential for damage to products during transportation and manoeuvring.

Studio hire cost, although discounted.


No initial cost or delay for client to create their own in-house roomsets

There are some factors that remain constant independent of the above location choices.

  • Props will need to be purchased by the client

  • The actual photography cost is the same

  • The furniture will need to be assembled by the client’s employees