Photographing for Restaurants

March 13th, 2017

Photographing For Restaurants

food photography ambleside cumbria

Photographing for restaurants is very different to photographing for a recipe book or the likes of Getty Images. The image isn’t just about the food. It needs to incorporate the atmosphere and ambience of the establishment. What makes the restaurant unique? What actually draws the clientele to return.

photographing for restaurants

At a restaurant, the food styling is done by the chef, rather than a food stylist. This is because the food needs to appear before the customers in a similar fashion to the image they may have seen online or in a magazine advert. If the food is vastly different in presentation, it will ebb away at the confidence of the new customer.

food photography penrith cumbria

Quite often even without a visible logo or bespoke cutlery or accoutrements, a previous client can recognise a restaurant from the colours or table setting, and this can help draw them back to revisit once again.

My food photography portfolio can be found here.