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Commercial Photography

Advanced Studio Lighting

Build on your knowledge following the basic studio lighting course. Learn how various lighting techniques can dramatically effect how your images are perceived, and how they can influence the viewer. This is an intensive one day advanced lighting workshop, helping you further develop your lighting skills. See our training pack framework on the right to identify what type of level you think you are in the area you want to train in before enquiring. 

One day 10.00am-4pm

Class size
Courses limited to a maximum of 10 people.

Previous attendees of the Basic Studio Lighting Course will have a £50 discount


Studio Sphere
Bridge Mill
Bridge Mill Rd.

Cambrian Photography
87-89 Abergele Rd.
Colwyn Bay
LL29 7SA

Dates and availability

28th May 2017 at Studio Sphere, Nelson.
30th July 2017 at Studio Sphere, Nelson

What will you learn?
Honeycombs, grids, snoots, flags and gels. What are they and when to use them
Techniques that slim or flatter your subject
Various portrait techniques such as Chiaroscuro, Rembrandt, Short and Butterfly etc.
Lighting for shape, form and texture.
Creating atmospheric images
Advanced Portraiture styles, how to and why

Over the course of the day you’ll take part in the following practical sessions
1000hrs :
Coffee and meet & greet
1030hrs : Introductions
1045hrs : The Studio Environment and it’s advantage for you
1100hrs : Portraiture. From Meh to Wow.
1230hrs : Lunch
1300hrs : Advanced modifiers and gels
1400hrs : Personal projects
1545hrs : Evaluation
1600hrs : Finish

Studio access
Location, equipment and how to incorporate the cost in your client quotes

Lighting equipment
Learn the importance of shadows and light placement, and how it impacts on your viewer

Lighting styles
How a lighting style can impact on your subject.

Developing the image
Using light to define your viewer’s perception

Home studio
How to manage if you don’t have the right modifier.

If you meet our Photographer eligibility criteria you will be approached to join focal point.

FP1- No experience in situations in which expected to perform

- Lacks confidence & requires support
FP2- Marginally acceptable performance

- Has some prior experience in actual situations

- Skills & knowledge developing
FP3- Co-ordinated - able to demonstrate efficiency & organisation

- Has confidence in their actions

- Demonstrates conscious deliberate planning
FP4- Perceives situations as a whole rather than fragmented

- Learns from experience what typical events to expect in a given situation & how plans need to be modified in response to these events

- Has perspective
Focal Pro- Intuitive grasp of situations - operates from a deep understanding of total situation

- Performance is fluid, flexible & highly proficient


What Level am I?

From this table you should be able to work out what type of level you think you are in this subject area. This will help us work out what type of training you need and where to start with the course.



Training Per
Discount on
Studio Hire
Active Product
Financial Benefit
on a per job basis
Focal Pro50%£££

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