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Dance Photography

Dance And Performing Arts Photography is Helen’s specialist area.

With over 10 years of experience in the Dance Photography industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge and imagination to every shoot. Based on the West coast of Cumbria, we have easy access to the incredible scenery and backdrops found in the Lake District and the whole of Cumbria. Although, we also travel to many locations across the UK.

Dance Studio Photography

Are you a dancer who wants to show off your unique poses and skills? Helen Rose Photography is the perfect place for you. Our studio gives you full control of the environment and lighting, so you can showcase all your moves against a great backdrop. Whether you like hip-hop, contemporary, or tap dancing, we have different backdrops and props to make your portfolio photos stand out. Our experienced photographers understand the importance of capturing your moves, so don’t hesitate to let go! With Helen Rose Photography, you can expect top-quality pictures that will impress everyone with your talent. Don’t wait any longer – contact us today and get ready for some high-quality photos of your amazing dance moves!

Dance Location Photoshoot

Join us for a fun journey to bring your dance dreams to life with our photography. Whether you want to land a job, ace an audition, or show off your talent, our on-location dance photoshoots in the UK are a great way to capture your passion professionally. Let’s create amazing moments together! What makes us special is our ability to do on-location dance photoshoots all over the UK. Whether you like city streets or natural beauty, we can make stunning images in any setting you like. From lively cities to beautiful landscapes, we can customize your photoshoot based on what you want.

Dance Competition Photography

As dance competition photographers, we attend events every weekend all over the UK. We capture the moves and grooves of events like Freestyle Disco, Street Dance, Ballroom, and Stage competitions. We never expected our photography passion to fit so well with capturing the energy of a dance event. We spend our days moving from room to room, taking photos of talented dancers. It feels like we’ve been invited into a secret world where everyone confidently expresses themselves through movement and music. That’s why we love being dance competition photographers; it gives us access to new places, people, and experiences every weekend.

Dance School & Show Photography

We love working directly with dance schools, whether for a full school shoot or at a show. We build strong friendships with the schools and often see the dancers at competitions. We bring our mobile studio and print station to the school for a full shoot. Each dancer gets a mini-shoot and can choose their favorite images to be printed onsite. When photographing a show, we use the stage lighting and discreetly move in front of the stage to capture candid and action shots while preserving the atmosphere and energy.

Mobile Studio

Our mobile studio gives us the ability to offer on-location, full Dance School Shoots. Each dancer has a five to ten minute slot, where we work with the teachers to achieve creative and varied shots, highlighting each dancer’s skill set.
The images can then be viewed and printed immediately.

Helen’s portfolio site can be found at www.helenrosephotography.co.uk or she can be contacted at the bottom of this page.

Dance And Performing Arts Photography

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